Only 2 More Days to Save 50% on Ebook Version of Migrating Apps To IPv6

OreillybooksandvideosWant to buy the ebook version of Migrating Applications to IPv6 for 50% off? Through September 28, 2011, O’Reilly is running a “Back to School Special” that gets you 50% off the price of all ebooks.

All you need to do is go to O’Reilly’s web site and then enter the discount code “B2SDEAL” during the check-out process.

There are a couple of great aspects of buying ebooks directly from O’Reilly:

  1. DRM-Free – O’Reilly does not use any digital rights management (DRM) software on their ebooks, which means that you can easily transfer your ebook between multiple devices you own as well as keep backups of your book in different places. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!
  2. Multiple Formats – Similarly, O’Reilly provides the book in multiple formats so that you can read the ebook on whatever device you want. You can download an ePub version to read on your iPad or other device. You can download a Mobi file to read on a Kindle. Or you can simple download a PDF to read on some other device. Best of all, O’Reilly lets you download all the formats… i.e. you aren’t restricted to just one. Download them all if you want to.
  3. Notification of Updates – This is probably the greatest reason to buy from O’Reilly. They have a wonderful system to notify you when there are updates to ebooks you have purchased. You get an email with a link and you can just click through to download the new copy. Alternatively, you can visit your product portal on your mobile device and download the new version directly to your device.

This last point is key… as I create updates for the book with more IPv6 migration information, you’ll get the notifications directly.

Anyway, if you are interested… the sale to get the ebook at 50% off only runs until the 28th!

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