Cyber Monday: 50% (or More!) Off “Migrating Apps to IPv6” Cyber Monday Sale
Want to buy “Migrating Applications to IPv6” at a discount of 50% or more?  Today being “Cyber Monday” the team at O’Reilly are offering an outstanding deal:

Save 50% on all ebooks and videos at – and save over 60% if you purchase over $100.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, buying direct from O’Reilly offers multiple excellent benefits, including:

  • DRM-free – no stupidity with license restrictions.
  • Free lifetime access
  • Multiple formats (ex. ePUB, PDF, Kindle, etc.)
  • Free updates
  • Sync with Dropbox

… and more!  All you do is enter “CYBER3” as the promotion code when checking out.  The deal expires on Tuesday, December 3, at 11:00 US Pacific Time.

Note that this code is good for ALL of O’Reilly’s ebooks – so it’s a great day to stock up on new reading material!     I love the way O’Reilly notifies you when you have updates to download… and since I’m planning an update to this book in 2014 by buying today you’ll get that update when it’s available.

Please do check it out!

P.S. To comply with full disclosure requirements: the links in this post are affiliate links – I will make a tiny amount of money if you purchase any ebooks after following these links… but that’s not why I’m writing this post.

P.P.S. My “Seven Deadliest Unified Communications (UC) Attacks” book is also on sale today in ebook form through O’Reilly after O’Reilly started carrying the ebook version of 7 Deadliest UC Attacks earlier this year.

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