New Mailing List for “Migrating Apps to IPv6” Updates

Would you like to be notified when updates are made to “Migrating Applications to IPv6“?  If so, there’s a nifty little sign-up box over in the right sidebar that will add you to an email distribution list that I will use ONLY to alert you to news about the book.  Info about updates will also be posted here to the book’s blog, of course, and will also appear on the Google+ page and in my normal Twitter stream. But I realized recently that some readers might want to receive specific messages when updates are available.  If you purchase the ebook directly from O’Reilly, you’ll get notified through their notification system, but if you purchase through another retailer – or would just like to receive an extra update, please feel free to subscribe.  I promise I won’t spam you or do anything else with your email address outside of alert you to the new updates.

Thanks for your interest in the book!