IAB Warns That Internet Standards Will No Longer Be Based on IPv4, only IPv6

Internet architecture boardThis month the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) provided another reason for organizations to think more about migrating their applications and services to IPv6. In a strong statement, the IAB warned other standards development organizations (SDOs) that future standards from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) may no longer support IPv4:

The IAB expects that the IETF will stop requiring IPv4 compatibility in new or extended protocols. Future IETF protocol work will then optimize for and depend on IPv6.

This will not happen immediately, of course, but the IAB statement notes that levels of IPv6 deployment are increasing and that SDOs need to ensure that current and future standards can work in an IPv6-only environment.

The key point for organizations and companies with applications is that you need to be seriously thinking about ensuring that your apps can work in IPv6-only networks.

To prepare, I would of course welcome you to buy the book, but there are also resources available online that can help you get started. The important thing is to get started NOW!