New “State of IPv6 Deployment 2017” Shows 3000% Growth over 5 Years

State of IPv6 coverIn the 5 years since World IPv6 Launch, IPv6 deployment has grown over 3,000 percent! Now there are over 37 countries with more than 5% deployment of IPv6. In the USA, where I live, IPv6 deployment is up over 30% … sometimes close to 35%.

These are all statistics out of the new “State of IPv6 Deployment 2017” report published by colleagues of mine at the Internet Society on this fifth “Launchiversary” of World IPv6 Launch back in 2012.

A key point in the document is that enterprise networks are often the ones lagging farthest behind in deployment of IPv6. Mobile networks are far ahead in many locations, and residential broadband networks are also often very far behind.

One reasons some enterprises struggle is that they have custom applications that need to be migrated to work on IPv6. That was really the reason why I originally wrote this very short book back in 2011 – to help developers understand what they need to be thinking about to move their apps over to work on IPv6.

There are many more resources available in the time since I first wrote the book, including ARIN’s guide on “Preparing Applications for IPv6“. The key point coming out of this “State of IPv6 Deployment 2017” report today is that the time is now to make the move to IPv6!  Start the migration… NOW!

If you are trying to get your management or others in your organization to move ahead with IPv6, download this State of IPv6 Deployment 2017 report and send it around – or send the link around. Hopefully the information inside can help you make the case that the time to move to IPv6 is NOW.

An audio podcast on this topic is also available: