Slides – VT CodeCamp Presentation about Why App Developers Should Care about IPv6

Yesterday (Sept 28, 2019) at Vermont CodeCamp 11 in Burlington, VT, I gave a talk titled “Yes, IPv6 is Real! How To Make Your Apps Work (And Be As Fast As Possible) ” with the abstract:

How well do your applications or websites work over IPv6? As the world runs out of IPv4 addresses, new mobile networks are being deployed as “IPv6-only” with IPv6-to-IPv4 gateways at the edge of those networks. The result is that apps and sites that work natively over IPv6 will be faster for users than apps and sites stuck on only IPv4. Many leading services have already made this transition, and Apple now requires IPv6 for all apps in their AppStore. In this session, you’ll learn about tips and tools to successfully migrate your applications and sites to work over both IPv4 and IPv6.

It was an enjoyable session with a good number of questions from the participants. The slides are available on SlideShare at:

Thank you to the VT Code Camp organizers for accepting my proposal to speak – and for all the participants in the session for the attention and questions. I hope I helped some of them understand a bit more of why they should make sure their apps work over IPv6 – and how to get started!

P.S. If you’d like someone to speak on this topic at a conference or event you are organizing, please do contact me.