New collaborative book about IPv6 – available for free, and seeking contributors

screenshot of the readme page for a GitHub repository about a collaborative IPv6 book

Why is it that many of the “IPv6 books” are 10+ years old? Where can you find the most current info? Could a group of people using IPv6 today come together and create a new book about IPv6?

Brian Carpenter asked those questions … and then started a project on GitHub to do exactly this – create a “collaborative IPv6 book”. The idea is to capture current knowledge from people working with IPv6 – and then keep it up-to-date.

So far he’s had a number of people contribute text – and the work is underway. As the repository states:

The intention is a practical introduction to IPv6 for technical people, kept up to date by active practitioners.

The book will be available free of charge (and free of advertising) on-line, possibly with an option to obtain a printed copy at cost price.

This GitHub repository is a starting point. It may be replaced by a differently structured repo as the work progresses and we gain experience of how to do it.

You can read the book online, with the caveat that it is still very much in development. If you want to contribute text or edit, there are contributor guidelines that explain the process.

I think it’s great to see another book emerging, and I look forward to seeing how this collaborative model works for all involved.