Updated Version of “Migrating Applications to IPv6” Book/Ebook Available Through O’Reilly

If you’ve bought the ebook or printed version of the book within the past few weeks, you should have received the most recent updated version.  As I mentioned previously, I submitted to O’Reilly a range of updates – and have confirmed that an updated version is now shipping.  It includes:

  • Added new section on recent events and changes that make it critical for application developers to be thinking about IPv6.
  • Added section on connecting to DNS servers over IPv6 and about DNS and DHCPv6
  • Added sidebar about RFC 5952, “A Recommendation for IPv6 Address Text Representation”
  • Expanded text about “Happy Eyeballs” algorithm and included mention of RFC 6556 for testing for happy eyeballs.
  • Added brief info about lessons learned from World IPv6 Day
  • Added info about World IPv6 Launch in 2012
  • Added new section on testing resources
  • Added new section about setting up an IPv6 test network
  • Updated IPv6 NAT info to point to RFC 6296
  • Added warning about SMTP’s way of showing IPv6 addresses
  • Added additional resources, including a new section about some informational RFCs that may be of interest to application developers.

If you previously purchased the book directly from O’Reilly, you should have been notified of this update.

I’m very appreciative of the feedback received thus far – and definitely welcome further feedback!  I’ve also received many kind words and comments that the book has been very helpful.  That’s great to hear… and exactly why I wrote it!